See Where You Getting Fat The Most And We’ll Tell You How To Fix It

In the last few years, scientists have defined 6 types of obesity. Each of these types is caused by various factors. We will help you learn more about the group you belong to and give you some advice to solve the problem.

1. Obesity of food

This is the most common group in the world. The factors that cause this obesity are excessive food intake and sugar. In order to solve this problem you have to reduce the food and exercise at least 30 minutes every day.

2. Obesity “nervous stomach”

We get this obesity with a lot of anxiety, stress and even depression. People that are in this group usually have frequent intake of sweets. You just need to take care of yourself by controlling your anxiety physical activities that will relieve you of stress.

3. Gluten obesity

In this group are mostly women during adolescence, menopause and some hormonal imbalance. You should really avoid all kinds of alcohol drinks, smoking, long sittings and to start indulge exercises with weights.

4. Atherogenic metabolic obesity

This kind of obesity makes the stomach to be swollen like a balloon. All the fat in the body is accumulated in this part of the body and it can be really annoying. People that have this obesity are the ones who consume alcohol, suffer or have trouble with breathing.

5. Obesity due to venous circulation

We can say that this group is the mostly genetically inherited obesity. It is most common to occur in the course of pregnancy, and in people who have swollen legs. With this condition, you should do exercises like running or climbing stairs.

6. Obesity of inactivity

This may sound strange but this type of obesity affects parts of the body which have been active with exercises in the past. In order to eliminate the fat from those parts is not allow long periods without eating. This can speed up the metabolism and burn the excess fat faster.


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