Take note: 10 signs of vitamin C deficiency

Vitamin C is one of the most beneficial vitamins and can protect us from eye diseases or wrinkling. When you have a cold or flu it is recommended to intake plenty of vitamin C.

If your levels of vitamin C are low or your  intake of vitamin C is low  it can cause various health problems.

Here are signs of vitamin C deficiency:

You easily bruise

If you have vitamin C deficiency anemia and you don’t intake the sufficient amount of vitamin C you bruise more easily. Intake foods that are abundant in vitamin C,  like red peppers, oranges or kale if you started to notice that you have many bruises on your legs and arms.


The capillaries in our nose are responsible for nosebleeds and become more sensitive when  you’re deficient in vitamin C.

Wounds heal slower

To carry oxygen through our body having enough red blood cells is “a must” for our organism . Red blood cells are responsible for the process of blood clotting and even growth of new cells, new hair,  new skin, etc. Your body will have difficulties producing the proper amount of these cells if you aren’t getting enough vitamin C deficient. Wounds will heal slower than before.

Fatigue and depression

Nowadays fatigue is very common. Try to increase your intake of vitamin C. if you’ve started to feel moody or very tired. Visit your doctor if you don’t notice any change.

Irregular heartbeat

With the help of vitamin C iron is absorbed better in our body. If you have low iron , it can make us develop heart problems , pregnancy complications, or anemia.

Swollen gums

If you consume vitamin C regularly unhealthy teeth or gums won’t appear. Because of vitamin C deficiency teeth loosening or erosion of the gums can appear. Vitamin C strengthens the lining of the epithelium which is a barrier that prevents bacteria from penetrating the gum line. People periodontal problems should be tested for low levels of this vitamin.

Swollen joints

The most common symptoms of lack of vitamin C are muscle weakness and swollen joints. Collagen can’t form when we have low levels of vitamin C. If your body can’t produce collagen properl your joints start to suffer y.

Dry hair and/or nails

Collagen is responsible for keeping our skin healthy. You’ll probably notice dryness, redness, small hard bumps, and wrinkling on your skin if you don’t intake enough vitamin C.

More frequent illness

The best thing that will help you fight off any illness or disease is healthy immune system. The levels of vitamin C under stress, according to a recent study from the National Library of Medicine.

Weight gain

It is important to know that the amount of vitamin C we have in our bloodstream will affect the way our body oxidizes fat. The participants who had low levels of vitamin C had higher body fat mass, according to a study performed by an Arizona State University. Intake foods that are abundant in vitamin C , if you notice that you’ve gained weight or you can’t lose weight.  If you can’t acquire that, take a vitamin C supplement.



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