Terminal Cancer In 3 Year Old Child Cured With Cannabis Oil After Doctors Gave Him 48 Hours To Live

Diagnosed with leukemia and told by doctors that he had merely few days to live, a 3 year-old Utah boy is now alive and well, but not because he continued chemotherapy, it is just  because he obtained cannabis oil treatment instead.

This little boy family, fed up with fact that only recommended treatment doctors could give was chemotherapy (even after little Landon Riddle kept vomiting dozens and refuse to eat after two months of chemo), they looked into cannabis oil treatment. After reading up all about cannabis oil online and researching  all the details, they decided to travel to Colorado where such a treatment is legal.

Landons’ chest was full of leukemia tumors. That made him couldn’t breathe. Doctors have put him on chemo, but they told the family he probably wasn’t going to make it. “We discussed all of our concerns with medical team in Utah. Landon continue to suffer and wither away, as the piled on drug after drug.”- says mother Sierra.Rather than give up and give into a death sentence and playing into Big Pharma’s only recommendation, Landon began cannabis oil treatments, and results have been incredible.

Within few days of the treatment, Landon showed  improvement. Instead of withering away, he improved appetite surged and his vomiting lessened. He is now rebounded,  as explained on a CNN video, he is still cancer-free even months after.

The sad threat to take a sick child away from his family

Serious issues loom over Landons’ family, including their concern that Landon might be taken out of their custody. Video in this article, explains that the family was initially given an ultimatum- to continue years of chemo and steroid treatments or if refuse it potentially have Landon removed from their care. His lawyer took care on the case stepped in; expressing himself that there is nothing detrimental about Landons’ family’s intentions.

And cannabis treatment continued, although the chemotherapy didn’t entirely cease. He still take treatments, but just once monthly, as opposed to more frequent doses. Sierra is desperately trying to find an oncologist that will allow cannabis treatments only, but has yet to find one willing to do so.

We all know that if the medical profession were to get on board with cannabis oil treatments and also other natural methods of curing the sick people, billions of Big Pharma dollars will go down the drain. That will be a huge industry shake-up and pharma jobs would go by the wayside, money lost, and all credentials questioned. So medical experts tip-toe around the issue, saying–at best–that it should be used as a complementary approach to more accepted traditional treatment methods such as chemotherapy.

Big organizations are still against cannabis treatments despite to growing evidence that it heals people

It is blatantly obvious the avoid-cannabis-for-improving-health mentality in a statement by the American Cancer Society, issued to CNN, regarding Landon Riddle’s story.They stated in the aforementioned video that here is no available scientific evidence of many controlled studies that are done in humans where cannabisn cures or treats cancer. This, despite fact of Dr.Julie Holland, “The Pot Book” editor, which says that It turns out, cannabis actually fights cancer itself. That, despite the fact of numerous findings have emerged showing as cannabis compounds kill cancer cells in mice and in humans also, and  despite a Landon’s amazing recovery.

Landon’s story isn’t  first example of cannabis oil seen as helping those with serious conditions heal. Natural News recently reported on the story of 33-year-man David Hibbitt, U.K. resident to whom it was diagnosed  bowel cancer and given 18 months of life rest. He took therapeutic doses of cannabis oil, tune of a very affordable $75 monthly and guess what-he eliminated his cancer.

This shows Big Pharma greed and the money-hungry mind sets must end.




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