The 3-ingredient Elixir which Can Clear Mucus from Lungs and Strengthens the Immune System

Many unpleasant symptoms as excess phlegm and mucus are coming by cold weather during the autumn. They have power to completely ruin day and both annoying symptoms typically occur as result of common health issues: cold, flu or sinus infections, and also allergies.

Many natural ways can help to reduce excess phlegm and mucus from lungs and nose and throat. This article presents you the best option –a homemade remedy made up of super healthy ingredients: ginger, lemon, and honey.

Let say a few words about the ingredients:

  • Water Is the first thing that medical experts recommend, and also to increase the water intake, as it helps wash down any phlegm in the throat. Water also significantly reduces amount of toxins in body. Regular consumption of cold water speeds up metabolism and boosts your immune system.
  • Ginger reduces a headache caused by sinus congestion, eliminates any phlegm left behind- after infection

In addition, some recent studies also shown this folk remedy can boost metabolism andstimulate circulation in swhole body, and reduce symptoms of asthma.

  • Lemon significantly improves immune system due to  high amount of  vitamin C and potassium, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, that are very helpful in reducing the excessive mucus.

Many recent studies also found lemons can help normalize the blood pressure, pH levels, and prevent dehydration and adrenal fatigue.

  • Honey

Honey belongs in category of superfoods due to strong antifungal, anti-inflammatory ,antibacterial benefits. Honey is often used in treatment of seasonal allergic reactions and fever, just because it is full of antioxidants and flavonoids, also probiotic bacteria called Lactobacillus kunkeei- which provides significant boost to the immune system and reduce excess mucus.

Recipe for Ginger-HoneyLemon- Drink (2-3 servings)

Time to prepare 15 minutes

  • 100 ml of water, inch of ground ginger,four tablespoons of fresh squeezed lemon juice and100 grams of honey


  1. Mix ginger and water, and boil for ten minutes.
  2. Let it cool next 10 minutes, add lemon juice and honey, so let mixture sit overnight and next morning store it in f Uuse remedy within a week by consuming 30-40 mL of drink on empty stomach every morning for 40 days period. When that period is over, take a break about 2-3 weeks, and after continue treatment for another 40 days.


In order to improve your immune system we recommend you to use it over an extended period of time.


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