The lymphatic system is how cancer spreads. These are 10 ways to keep it flowing healthy…

The lymphatic system is a network of tissues and organs within the human body that work together to clean waste deposits from the organs. The body has 3 times more lymph than blood and, as the body’s main detox system, the lymphatic system should always be kept healthy and clean.

About 80% of the immune cells are present in the gut. The lymphatic system consists of lymphocytes (white blood cells) that can be found in the spleen, bone marrow, behind the heart, appendix and lymph nodes throughout the body.

What is the lymphatic system’s role?

The body pumps 90% of the blood and returns it to the heart, while the rest 10% consist of the lymph. All germs and toxins pass through it – once the lymph detects the intruder, the body is warned of the compound that needs to be eliminated.

Every type of cancer is usually diagnosed with lymph node biopsy. This is because lymphatics are leftover blood that is present in every organ in the body. If your lymph flow is impaired, toxic waste and cancer cells can’t be removed. In this case, the waste is eliminated through the bowels. However, before this happens the toxins not recognized by the lymph attack and damage most organs and tissues.

This is how cancer spreads

When a cancer is diagnosed through a lymph node biopsy, people are usually treated with chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is a dangerous treatment which doesn’t recognize healthy from different cells, so it destroys them both. This is why keeping your lymphatic system and flow healthy and clean is of vital importance.

During the day, the lymphatic system is exposed to a lot of harmful toxins from the air we breathe and food we eat. Smoking, chemicals and some prescription pills can also affect the lymphatic system and the common nutritional deficiencies of today can also make the system fall apart. Here are the main symptoms of a sluggish lymphatic system:

  • Brain fog;
  • Dry and itchy skin;
  • Breast swelling;
  • Constipation;
  • Fatigue;
  • Soreness and stiffness;
  • Cellulite;
  • Cold hands and poor circulation;
  • Discolored leg patches.

Follow these tips to get your lymphatic flow going:

  1. Inversion

Inversion helps the lymph move from the lower limbs to the heart. Combining exercise and inversions is essentially yoga, which will detoxify and rejuvenate your lymphatic system.

  1. Exercise

Of course, exercise is one of the best ways of helping the lymph move throughout the body. Any physical activity can help and move the lymph to the heart. The lymph and blood need muscular effort and a push against gravity to move, so staying physically active is a good idea.

  1. Diet

If you want to keep your lymphatic system and body functioning, you need to stay away from processed food, GMO products and pesticides. Eat whole foods and plants instead, and try eating with the seasons – colder foods in the summer and warmer meals in the winter.

  1. Deep breathing

Taking deep breaths occasionally is a great way of moving your lymph throughout your body. As the body has more lymph than blood, any activity that requires deep breaths can move both fluids effectively.

  1. Massage

Getting frequent massages can stimulate the passage of lymph to the heart, and will also reduce your stress, which may be responsible for poor lymph flow.

  1. Red foods

Eating red foods such as beets, pomegranates and cherries can stimulate the lymph to move through the channels.

  1. Dry brushing

Dry brushing your skin in the morning after shower will definitely help move the lymph throughout the body.

  1. Lukewarm water

Instead of sodas and unhealthy drinks, drink lukewarm fluoride-free water, which will lubricate the lymph and help it move freely.

  1. Iodine

Low iodine levels are a common sign of improper lymph flow, so make sure to keep your iodine levels stable.


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