The Truth About What Really Causes Cellulite And How To Get Rid Of It Forever

Not only curvy women get cellulite. It is a common part of every woman’s body. It can be found on the back of the arms, thighs, and hips and sometimes can be really annoying.

What is Cellulite?

It is really important to know the skin first before understanding cellulite better. The skin is made of two layers-epidermis, which is the most outside and dermis. There can be found fat compartments under both of the layers.

The fat cells are empty only when you don’t have any cellulite, and then your skin is smooth and flat. But, when you have cellulite you fat cells are stuffed and they create a dimpled look underneath the skin. Genetics can play an important role when it comes to cellulite, because we are born with finite set of fat cells.

There is a change that men can have cellulite too. But women are more prone to having it and these are some of the reasons why:

  • Unlike men, women have thinner skin with smaller fat compartments
  • Also women have higher percentages of body fat
  • Another critical role here are the two female hormones, estrogen and progesterone

What are some common causes of cellulite?

1. Pregnancy

When pregnant levels of estrogen rises and the cause the collagen fiber to breakdown and form the pesky cellulite. Estrogen is a hormone that stimulates the formation of fat which is really helpful in case of pregnancy.

2. Aging

Aging can affect the energy expenditure. This energy is needed to maintain body size and body composition. But, if your intake is higher than what you need, it can lead to higher fat stores.

3. Being Overweight

Overweight is kind of connected with excess fat. Being overweight can lead to excess fat accumulated into fat compartments and all that leads to cellulite.

4. Poor Circulation

Blood is really important because it carries healthy nutrients and oxygen to all the cell in the body. But when a person has poor circulation that causes the fibers to shrink and leave a bumpy look.

5. Lack of Activity

Another thing that can lead to poor circulation is lack of physical activity. This means that it causes less blood to get to the organs and tissues of the body.

5 Action Steps To get Rid of Cellulite

1. Eat Well

It is recommended to eat at least 3 meals daily that are full of green veggies. This will help you keep low calorie intake and suppliers the body with high fiber content. You should avoid processed food at all costs.

2. Exercise

The best treatment you can give your body is at least 30-minute exercise, 5 times a week. Aerobics is a great exercise that keeps the energy output high which can lead to notably less fat being stored.

3. Drink Plenty of Water

We need water to stay hydrated, and water helps eliminating toxic matter of the body and improving lymphatic flow.

4. Massage

Massaging your body can improve the blood circulation. But massages can’t basically reduce cellulite they can only bring new blood flow and eliminate toxins in the area. Coconut oil massage after having a shower really makes wonders for the skin due to its hydrating and smoothing benefits.

5. Dry Skin Brushing

You can also do dry skin brushing to improve blood flow. It will help you remove toxic matter, and soften the hard fat deposits under the skin.


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