These Foods Make Cancer Cells Grow In Your Body! STOP EATING THEM RIGHT NOW!

Although adopting healthy diet is everyone’s aim, sometimes we are not aware how harmful the food that we eat can be. These days many foods are advertised as healthy, instead of that they can lead to many harmful diseases, including cancer.

Last year, almost 1.5 million people were diagnosed with some type of cancer, so in order to protect our health, we have to take a look in the food we consume, what is in, to educate ourselves.

This is a list of cancer causing foods you will need to eliminate from your diets as soon as possible:

Canned tomatoes – they are mainly unhealthy because of the Bisphenol A which is lining thecans and can contain carcinogens. Moreover, they have high acidity levels that eat away the lining which further contributes to chemical leech that end up in our bodies. If you are not able to buy fresh tomatoes, then go ahead and purchase those that come in glass jar or bottle.

Red meat – it is closely related to colon cancer according to recent studies. There was one study conducted in the USA and involved 150,000 people aged 50-74 who consumed red meat on the long term. It showed that the red meat increases the risk of colon cancer in the examined objects. Poultry and fish can be beneficial for your health.

Refined sugars – they increase the blood insulin levels at a rapid rate, and are also a source of energy for cancer cells. High fructose syrup is a rich source of energy for metabolism and proliferation of cancer cells. Foods that increase the risk of cancer are: cakes, juices, pies, cookies, sodas, cereals, and sauces. The cancer rates worldwide are rising because of the high consumption of these foods.

Potato chips – they are high in fat and calories, but also contain additives, artificial colors, and flavors. Moreover, the potato chips is fried in high temperatures, creating harmful substances like acrylamide (carcinogenic agent that can be found in cigarettes).

Farmed salmon – there is an array of chemicals, pesticides, and many other cancer causing agents used by the fish farmers in order to grow the salmon bigger and make them more diseases resistant. For that reason you will have to avoid farmed salmon, or any other fish that has been farmed. Search for a label that confirms you are purchasing wild caught salmon.

GMOs – all foods that are genetically modified are proven to cause cancer. Thus, you are recommended to consume organic and locally grown foods.

Highly salted, smoked, or pickled foods – they are produced with nitrates and nitrites so that the smoky and salty flavor is added. The nuts and meats are exposed to great amounts of tar that smokes these products and it is well-known cancer-causing agent. Foods that are very high in salt and fat are salami, bacon, bologna, and sausage. They increase the risks of getting colorectal and stomach cancer.

Microwave popcorn – the inside of the bags contain chemicals that are connected to infertility, and lung, liver, testes, and pancreas cancer. A lot of companies as well, use GMO kernels and do not want to admit it, and this is more health detrimental.

Processed meat – they contain chemical preservatives which make them look fresh, including lunch meats, hot dogs, sausages, bacon, and other processed meats. There is sodium nitrate and sodium nitrite which are connected to cancer, especially colon cancer.

Soda pop – people that drink soda each day are at a higher risk of stroke according to one study published in the American Journal of Nutrition. Soda pop contains chemicals, sugar, and colorings that release acid into the body that contributes to cancer. For that reason people gain weight.

For a longer and healthier life, we need to stay away from above listed foods in order to protect our personal and family`s health.

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