This 10-Minute Ab Routine Burns More Stomach Fat Than A 30 Minute Run

We can all relate to one main problem when losing fat. And that is the stomach fat. When you start exercising and following some diets, the first thing you notice are changes on your arms, legs but not your stomach. It seems like it’s impossible to lose the fat and get a flat stomach.

One of the main problems about this, is when a woman starts exercising she misunderstands the fact that exercising few more exercises will make them build enormous muscles and immediately transform them into a hulk.But, well build muscles can make your stomach area look way thinner.

If you keep doing your everyday exercises and only cardio ones, that will not help you build the muscles you need to shape your body. This will only give you the mini version of you.

This is why we will give you some of the best exercises that not only will help you lose weight but also tone and build your abs.

The Crunch

The crunches are the best and the oldest abs exercises. The best thing is that they are simple and very effective.

Start in a position where you need to lay on you back, keep your knees up and your feet flat on the floor. If you want an extra challenge you should place your bottoms of the feet to face each other. But if you are a beginner stick to the rule of keeping them flat.

While you lay in this position flex your abs and lift the upper half of the torso as high as you can. Hold your body in this position for one second and then lower it back. Repeat again and again to make 10 repetitions and make one set.

The Plank

This exercise it does not consist of repetitions nor movements. You keep your body fixed and that works every muscle in your body. But not just only you keep your body flexed, this exercise is effective also with burning fat as well as building muscle.

You should lie on your stomach on the floor. Put your elbows on the ground and your forearms out in front of you. Then flex your abs and lift the body off the floor. So in this position the only parts of the body that need to touch the floor are your toes and forearms. You should stay in this position as possible as you can for about 20-30 seconds and increase the time as you progress.


This can be one of the most complex moves, but is a great mix of getting some cardio and muscle build at the same time.

First lie on your back with hands cupping the back of your head. Flex your abs and start bringing your left knee up so that it touches your right elbow. Then do the same with the opposite side.

When you look at your legs they should perform a cycling motion that is similar to riding a bike. You should complete 10-15 repetitions or 30 seconds.

You need to always perform this exercise consecutively where each takes 90 seconds in total. A break of 30 second is possible if you want and then you should repeat the cycle at least 5-6 times again.

This may sound like just a little time to exercise your body, but all these 10 minutes can make a great improvement on your body.

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