The most crucial ingredient highly needed for our body is water. Our body is 70% water, and without food we can survive for longer period of time, but without water we cannot. Water carrying the nutrients , regulate the body temperature level, and oxygen to the cells, protecting the body organs and tissues, lubing the joints, helping digestion, dissolving the minerals and nutrients, and so on.

If you drink 17 ounces of water a day, the metabolic rate will be enhanced by 30% percent in both men and women, according to a Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism’s study. 30-40 minutes after the participants consumed their water the optimal results were achieved. Water aid in the weight loss process and can boost your metabolism as well.

One study involved 84 adult who were struggling with obesity and were given simple advice for weight-loss and were divided in two groups, it was carried out at the UK’s University of Birmingham. One of the groups 30 minutes prior their meals had to consume 16 oz. of water and the other one were asked to vision their stomachs full prior having their meals.

The results were that the first group lost 3 pounds more than the second  one. If you want to lose weight this is excellent  but you have to drink6 to 10 cups of water each day. There are health benefits of drinking water  like boosts the cognitive abilities, prevents headaches, protects our heart,  and it can keep us alert and also has connection  with weight-loss .

Your body needs to be properly hydrated if you are planning to lose unwanted weight. Before and after any activity, the body needs to be nourished to be hydrated by consuming the right water quantity during the day. Water consumption can secure metabolism functioning at its full capacity and it will lower the need of overeating.

The quantity of water you intake during the day is very important. Here we present you formula that help you in determining the ideal consumption of water and also how much do you need to drink so that you can lose weight.

1st Step: Find out how much water is optimal for you after determining your weight number. There is strong connection between the weight and water consumption that mean if the lbs. are higher water consumption is higher. If your scale numbers show a decimal, round it up, for precision . For example, 100.4 pounds are rounded down at 100 pounds, and 100.5 pounds are rounded up at 101 pounds.

2nd Step: You need to divide the weight in half and if it is decimal, round it up, this will tell how much water you should drink. For example, 101 pounds divided by 2 is 50.5, when rounded, it is 51 ounces.

3rd Step: You need to determine your activity level as it is in direct relation to the water consumption, If the body is more active then naturally it will expel more water. Include sixteen ounces of water for every half an hour of exercise.

4th Step: You will get the correct water quantity when you add the numbers from the second and the third step. Here is the calculation:

Weight-201 pounds  = 101;

for half an hour of exercising per day – 16 oz.;

101 oz. + 16 oz. = 117 oz.  = 10 glasses of water.

Depending on your weight index how much water you need to consume per day you can find in the chart below.


Before every meal, consume 2 cups of water from 8-ounce cups which  adds up to 48 oz.

Before going to sleep and when getting up in the morning consume 1 glass of water (16-ounce glass) for additional 32 oz.

If you are prone to getting up during the night consume additional glass of water.

Follow these steps for obtain optimal 80 ounces of water intake offering you a simpler way in reaching the goals of the day.


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