Tighten And Tone The Arms With These 6 Quick Exercises

In order to tone your arms you can do these exercises that are quick and easy and you can do them anywhere. You won’t need gym, or special equipment, just determination. And if you already have some workout routine, just add these exercises to get the best results.

It is never too late to tone your arms, we know summer is already here but for just 2 weeks with these exercises your arm will be in their best toned shape.

Arm Exercises

Push-ups – 10 repetitions

Get in the standard push-up position and focus your energy on the chest. After that, place your knees on the mat to remove the pressure from the upper body and make sure your core is strong. You need to keep you upper body straight and don’t sway the lower back.

Shoulder Twist – 15 repetitions with 5-8 pound weights

Take dumbbells in each hand, stand on the right foot for some extra core and keep your hands facing the shoulder bend in the elbows. After this twist and straighten your hands and then face them out. Keep you balance on one leg to engage the core to a maximum.

Lateral Raise with balance – 12 repetitions with 5 pound weights

Get in a position where you stand on the left foot with your arms by the sides of your body and then lift them to form a T position. Holding the dumbbells raise your arms but no higher than the shoulders.

Reverse Flies – 15 repetitions with 8 pound weights

Take a dumbbell in each hand while you stand on two feet straight. Start bending forward at the hips while your arms are hanging straight down. From this position spread your chest, focus out and then arch the lower back slightly. You should keep your knees slightly bend while you do this exercise.

Bicep Curls Up Against the Wall

Stand again on your two feet while your back is flat against the wall. Bend the knees and keep your arms next to your body to increase the challenge.

Triceps Dips – 20 repetitions

Get a bench or a chair and place your hands shoulder width apart. You need to keep the energy in the heels while the fingertips are pointed toward the glutes. Start sliding your buttocks off the front of the bench and extend the leg out in front of you. Keep your arms straightened and your elbows a bit bent. Try to keep the tension on the triceps and not the elbow joints. When you reach this position start to slowly bend the elbows and lower the body toward the floor until you form a 90 degree angle with your elbows. Go back to the starting position and then repeat again.




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