To All Ladies: Try This Natural Permanent Hair Straightening With Coconut Milk And Lemon Juice!

Every girl and women on this planet dream of having a smooth, shiny and straight hair. It’s no lie that this kind of smooth and shiny hair is the best look a woman can have.

Sometimes the process of straightening your hair can be bad for your hairs health and even really hard.

But, there is a permanent hair straightening process that will make your dreams come true in just one year.

Nature can give you the 1 treatment that fits all solution. It is a simple combination of Coconut Milk and Lemon Juice that make hair conditioning treatment to be the best treatment for your hair.

Here is the coconut milk recipe that will become your favorite hair conditioner:

Step 1 – Mix coconut milk with some lemon juice

Squeeze the juice from the lemon and add it to 1 cup of coconut milk. Mix the liquids to combine them.

Step 2 – Coat your hair with coconut milk and lemon juice mixture

Get the juice you just made and pour it over your hair while squeezing the hair to work the mixture through the strands.

Step 3 – Wrap your hair in a warm towel

When you finish with step number 2, wrap your hair with warm towel in order to help the coconut milk and lemon juice to work their magic. You should leave the mixture for about 15 minutes.

Step 4 – Wash your hair

After this treatment you should wash your hair the usual way with your shampoo and conditioner. Your hair should be straighter than before after you blow drying.

Step 5 – Use regularly

The best way to get results is to use this conditioner regularly. Actually this is some kind of natural mask that will help you deep condition and straightens your hair. Remember to keep the mask out of the sun because the lemon juice can cause bleaching to occur on your hair.

Just try this solution and if you get the wanted results share it with your friends and let them know that nature can give them everything they need.


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