Try The 28-Day Planking Challenge!

You can transform your body in only 4 minutes with the Plank Challenge that lasts 28 days and you will notice the results by slowly training the body for strength and endurance.

It may be a slow progression but it has amazing results.

The challenge

This challenge must be completed in 4 weeks and the starter position is twenty seconds. The time builds up with the days until you get to four minutes.

This is the plan:

Day 1 and day 2 – 20 seconds;
Day 3 and day 4 – 30 seconds;
The 5th day – 40 seconds;
The 6th day – day for a rest;
Day 7 and day 8 – 45 seconds;
Day 9 and day 11 – 60 seconds (1 minute);
Day 12 – 90 seconds;
The 13th day – day for a rest;
Day 14 and day 15 – 90 seconds;
Day 16 and day 17 – 120 seconds;
Day 18 – 150 seconds;
The 19th day – day for a rest;
Day 20 and day 21 – 150 seconds;
Day 22 and day 23 – 180 seconds;
Day 24 – 210 seconds;
The 25th day – day for a rest;
The 26th day – 210 seconds;
Day 27 – 240 seconds;
The 28th day – as much as you can

How to properly plank

You will get best results if you do the exercise properly.
Make sure that you position your arms correctly and the elbows should be under the shoulders so you can ensure proper weight distribution. Your spine should be straight and avoid rounding it and put unnecessary pressure on the back and neck.
Tighten the core so it benefits from this exercise. Keep the legs spread and don’t add pressure to the hip area. You should also breathe properly and slow so your core is fully engaged and the body is relaxed.
You may ask yourself why this exercise makes a good workout plan. It is because it is a full-body workout and it also has other benefits:

It tones the stomach

This exercise involves the core to stabilize the body and to carry out the physical demands so it can maintain the planking position properly. The muscles(abdominal) are engaged while the workout lasts and with time this muscles tighten and tone to give a good-looking stomach.

It promotes good posture

This exercise is good for the stability and balance because the abs play a big role in the ability to have good posture. With the time you will be able to achieve a broader movement range and stand up straight.

It increases flexibility

With working out the shoulder and back muscles your flexibility will be improved, according to a “Mercola”- article. Your shoulder blades are going to stretch and that promotes a better motion range.


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