Weekend Diet Plan – Flat Stomach In 2 Days

If you got a big event for the upcoming weekend and you want to get your stomach as flat as you can, everything is possible if you stick to a strict plan. The following weekend diet plan is the right for you. When you’re freer during the weekend you can pay attention to what you eat and reduce 2-3 kilograms.

This is a stressful kind of diet for your body and is recommended only for healthy people. Do not be too strict with yourself and do not even think to continue the diet, because it can disrupt health. The beginning of this diet is at Saturday morning and the end on Sunday evening. Girls usually used before an important event in their lives when they want everyone to notice their slender form and a flat stomach.

Low calorie weekend diet plan:


Breakfast: Low calorie yogurt (low-fat) and fresh seasonal fruit.
Lunch: Boiled fish with lemon juice and olive oil, green salad with lemon juice and olive oil and integral cracker.
Dinner: Low calorie yogurt and cooked zucchini or other cooked vegetable.


Breakfast: 1 cup of mint tea without sugar, 1 integral crackers, 1 slice of ham.
Lunch: Boiled fish with garlic and lemon juice.
Snack: 250 grams seasonal fruit, but no bananas.
Dinner: 1 integral cracker, lettuce, 1 cup of tea without sugar.

Enjoy your weekends with your friends and family. Do some activities during the weekend, like short walk after the meals, play some sport, visit the gym or take the dog for a run. All of this is recommended for relieving the bloat. If you search for more inspiration to work out, check out here.

Weekend diet purifies the body for two days. Many harmful substances from your body will be removed with this detoxification and you will reduce 2-3 kg. A good night’s sleep is vital for a healthy digestion and appetite control, too.



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