What Happens If You Drink Pineapple Water On An Empty Stomach

Since forever we know that pineapple is recommended for weight loss because it can help us to eliminate accumulated liquid and in the same time it can clean our body of toxins.

But even more important is to start drinking pineapple water on the morning on empty stomach. This is why we will show you the drink that can be very helpful because it makes our body ready to burn fat easily and quickly.

Benefits of drinking pineapple water

This drink can act on the body as a diuretic and natural laxative and be the best new thing to our diet.

1. Helps to lose weight

  • Pineapple water contains thiamine that converts carbohydrates into energy and in that way increases the body’s metabolism
  • You will be hydrated all the time
  • It can eliminate the anxiety to eat and reduce the cravings for sweetness
  • This water is special because it gives our body micro-nutrients that normal water doesn’t offer
  • It is full with potassium which will help to avoid the cramps associated with fatigue
  • Pineapple water contains the enzyme called bromelain that can remove toxins and retention of fluids and fight inflammation

2. Take care of your liver and intestines

  • It contains enzymes and antioxidants that will help to detoxify the body of heavy metals; it will also maintain clean intestines as it helps to reduce constipation

3. Pineapple water is good for the thyroid

  • Because of the iodine that can be found in the content, it favors treating thyroid problems
Preparation of pineapple water

Option #1


  • Half pineapple
  • Cinnamon
  • A liter of water


Wash the pineapple, cut it in half and remove the peel. In the meantime boil the water and add the chopped pineapple and the cinnamon. Leave the mixture to the fire for about 20 minutes. Let the mixture cool for about 15 minutes and keep it in the refrigerator to take it fresh.

Option #2


  • Half pineapple
  • A liter of water


Peel and cut the pineapple into small pieces and put it in a jar with the fresh water. Let the mixture stay overnight and consume it in the morning.




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