What kind of woman are you according to your birth month? Here is how to identify

In this lines you can easy found out what are your personal characteristics according to the month in which you are born.


Women born this month are worthy and know how to finish each job that they trust. They are very neat, organized and serious and this makes them excellent leaders in the business world. Although sometimes they can be critical, they are also very sensitive and have problems to express their emotions. Women born in January love children and have very loyal partners.


You have a free spirit and an unstable person – one moment can be a live fire, and the other one is shy and withdrawn. Many like to explore new goals and dreams and make big risks in order to reach their ambitions. Women born in February are very attractive and sexually and with ease they make new friends – although rarely show their romantic side in public.


These sensitive souls are very sympathetic towards others and they like to take care of them. They are very attractive, honest and admired. Unfortunately, sometimes they can be extremely unmanaged and malicious.


Although women born this month may not be traditionally attractive and sexy, their strong personality and desire for care make them entertaining friends. They are great in motivation, but they can become aggressive and too emotional.


Women born in May have incredible motivation and quick intellect needed to perform every job. Basically they are very attractive – both physically and mentally, and therefore attract strong partners. These troubled women love traveling and are happy to join groups that value their abilities.


And while women born this month can easily make new acquaintances thanks to good manners and humor, they can still become temperamental when someone hurts them. They enjoy debates and deep conversations because it gives them the opportunity to practice their active mind.


These women have a lively personality that without any difficulty attracts new friendships. They protect their good reputation with sincerity and concern for the feelings of others and therefore are perfect mothers. They are generally quiet, but if someone provokes them, they can be angry for months. They are ready to work hard and are excellent in learning new things.


Major leaders are often considered in August. Women born this month have a fearless personality and the ability to lead others to their goal. They are often attractive and exotic and they love to be at the center of attention absorbing every compliment. They are very romantic and their feelings are without problems. However, when things go wrong, they can get rid of hastily and exacerbate things because of their pride.


Women born in September are very stubborn, self-confident in their abilities, worthy and organized. Although they tend to point to the disadvantages of others, they are pretty intelligent and they like to learn new things. Sometimes they may look embarrassing because they hold their emotions deeply buried.


Talking to a woman born this month is always filled with jokes, dreams and strong attitudes. They are very easy to recover from each fall, and they are very good friends and they love children.


Sometimes they are mysterious, unpredictable and easy to plan. If they manage to overcome the negative aspects of their personality, then they are able to realize a very deep love filled with a romantic. They are very sincere and deserve the trust of all friends.


These women are active, playful and have a great sense of humor. Out of the negative lines, a short fitting, impatience and too logical look at all things stand out. If they want their life to be filled with love, they have to deal with these things.




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