What’s The Best Workout Plan For Your Body Shape?

Every person on this planet is different. We all have different personality, different plans, and different ideas…We even have different body shapes.

There is a story about a woman that was struggling badly to lose some weight. But, when the fitness trainer came in with a different program for her, a miracle happened. Within a week, there were major results. And the woman was amazed.

This happened because she started following a routine that was made for her body shape. And this is why we will give you the best workout plans for your body shape that will really help you a lot.

Spoon/ Pear Shape Body

This is a body type in which people have wider in the hips and thighs with wider bottom but have smaller bust and narrower shoulder.pearshape

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Ideal exercises

  • Jumping jacks or jumping rope that will increase the pumping of your heart.
  • 3 sets – 10 repetitions of push ups
  • Brisk walking


  • In-line skating

Fashion gear

  • You should show your body by wearing fitting shorts and tees

Cone/ Apple Shape Body

This type of body is followed with slender legs and broad shoulder. It is completely opposite of spoon body type.


Credit: www.livethesmartway.com

Ideal exercises

  • 40 minutes spinning
  • Lunges and squats with weights
  • Reps with light weight
  • Jumping rope
  • Slow walking
  • Stationary biking


  • Tennis

Fashion gear

  • Try wearing shorts to expose your legs

Ruler (Rectangle)/ Athletic Body

This is considered to be the perfect body shape because it is evenly proportioned.

Ideal exercises

  • 30 minutes of long distance running
  • Sit-ups (4×20)
  • Jumping rope with weighted ropes
  • Stationary bikes
  • Stepping
  • Elliptical machine


  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Stretching and reaching
  • Long distance swimming
  • Rollerblading

Fashion gear

  • You should wear loose tanks with some Capri yoga pants. This will look perfect.

Hourglass Shape Body

This body type is with narrow waist and curvy chest and hips.hourglasshape1

Credit: www.fashionandmorre.blogspot.com

Ideal exercises

  • Jumping rope
  • 30 minutes of stationary bike
  • Fast walking


  • Long distance swimming
  • Snowboarding
  • Dancing

Fashion Gear

  • The best for you is to get a sport bra with great support

Look at the mirror and find your shape. You should definitely include this in your workout plan and the results will be noticeable in just a week. You will reach amazing results and gain a lot of benefits by simply following these tips.




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