With This Recipe, Even If You Are A Smoker Longer Than 5 Years, You Can Clean The Lungs In 3 Days!

Smoking is a habit that numerous people practice, but we all know how awful and unhealthy it is, that even cigarette packs have it on their label!

According to numerous health experts, more than 1 billion people in the world are smokers and 5 million die or get diseaseslinked to smoking. One person dies on every 6 seconds!

Lung issues can appear in smokers, but also in non-smokers.

Unfortunately, it is certain that smokers have damaged lungs than non-smokers. Smoking is very harmful, so the best thing would be to stop smoking, but you can also clean your lungs until you do that! Here, we’re presenting you a recipe that’s very easy to prepare and is extremely effective!

According to experts, people who smoke longer than 5 years have bronchitis more often than non-smokers.


  • 400 g clean and cut onions
  • 2 teaspoons of turmeric
  • 1 liter of water
  • 400 g of brown sugar
  • Ginger root, small piece


Let the water boil and the sugar melt in a big pot. Add the onion and ginger and in the end the turmeric and ginger again, but make sure it is grated. Lower the heat when this mixture boils. Let it cool down and then refrigerate it.


  • Drink the mixture before breakfast and at night, 2 hours after the meal.
  • Do some workouts for more effective results!
  • Relax more! Enjoy a nice bath for only for 20 minutes. That will also help you remove the extra toxins from your body. You can also include some inhalers with mint or eucalyptus!

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