Sun. Nov 29th, 2020


CannaOne formally announced its formal agreement with Manna Health Services in Mexico City to undertake the development of a marketplace for purchase and delivery of CBD products. This agreement has a contract term of 36 months and was signed on March 5, 2019.

Solomon Riby-Williams, the CEO of CannaOne said they were quite excited to work with Manna Health and look forward to building a customized vision meant to be the Mexico’s favorite online CBD marketplace. He also added that Manna will be able to offer a fully functional online marketplace through BloomKit, the enterprise software solution. A lot of features will be available with the added benefit of an easy to use eCommerce solution.

Riby-Williams also stated that the collaboration with Manna Health gives CannaOne the instant credibility of working with a respected Mexican organization which already has partnerships with pharmacies, commercial, malls, tourist destinations and retail businesses throughout Mexico.

Manna Health is presently licensed by the Mexican government to sell, buy, distribute, import and export products associated with health and wellness. After the marketplace gets launched, Manna and CannaOne would jointly analyze and study consumer and market data collected through this marketplace.